#Mothersday Stretches for Busy Moms

Every Mom knows how busy life can get. With time feeling like it's running out more and more every day, who has time to stretch anymore? You do! Here are three stretches for any Mom on the go. Before or after your morning meeting, a trip to the grocers (with a mask and gloves on, of course, until COVID-19 is over) or before any activity. These stretches will take you to the finish line of any day by removing aches and pains and loosening up those tight back muscles. 


1. Slow Foreward Fold

Before going into the next two poses, let's open up your back and loosen your spine. Standing legs together (feel free to spread them apart if you need more room between your legs to lower down), slowly roll downwards, vertebra by vertebra, letting the top of your head hang directly above your toes (if you can't go down to your toes, go as far as you can without hurting yourself). Then slowly rise, vertebra by vertebra. Be gentle with yourself, you may feel a bit lightheaded on the way back up. 




2. Standing Pigeon Pose

Standing Pigeon can be done anywhere. Simply place one ankle above the kneecap of your standing leg. Make sure your bent knee is square with your hips. Place your hand on your bent knee to keep in line with your hips, then slowly sink into a seated position. This will open up your glutes, and more importantly, your psoas muscle. The psoas muscle stretches from the lower back to the hips. When your lower back is tight, stretching this muscle out will certainly help loosen you up. 




3. Triangle Pose

If you have space to extend your body, then try this Triangle Pose. It helps with lower back pain by getting into the spinal nerves and strengthening your back. Once you're done with one side, move on to your other leg.  


To all the Moms (and Moms to be!), we wish you a very Happy Mother's Day. May your heart and world be filled with love and light. 


If you're expecting, here are some prenatal yoga poses and classes that you can safely do at home from Glo.com



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