The Natural Spine

The Natural Spine Posture Correction Device

$69 $79

Please Note: Enjoy the special, pre-order price of $69.00. The Natural Spine Posture Correction Device ships March 2021 or as soon as it becomes available. 

The Natural Spine is by far the most effective solution for poor posture and the most effortless to use. Simply fasten the strap around any chair of your choice and sit right up against it. The patent-pending device has two firm rubber pressure points that gently dig into the back muscles on both sides of your spine, known as the erector spinae, giving you the most support and instantly adjusting your alignment to its most natural position. By adjusting the backplate to accommodate either your cervical, thoracic, or lumbar spine, The Natural Spine fixes your posture for you. The Natural Spine can be taken anywhere: Strapped around your car's seat, the office, attached to your backpack, wrapped around a small pillow for long flights. Anywhere. . The Natural Spine literally does all the work for you. We’re not kidding. 

Patent pending. All products are sourced, made, and assembled in America.


Pressure Points are made of recyclable TPE material (ask us about our take-back program!) and come in two sizes: 2" and 3" in diameter.

The backplate is made of ABS plastic and measures 8.25" wide, 4" high and 0.22" thick. 

The strap is made of 100% polyester webbing that will not shrink, rot, mold or mildew, and contains UV inhibitors that prevent sunlight decay. Additionally, the strap is very abrasion resistant and flame retardant. This material was originally built to meet or exceed specifications set for safety requirements. It measures 2" wide,  0.045" thick, and 5’ long.

Cam Buckle: 2”, Plastic. 

We ship in 100% recyclable boxes and use 100% post-consumer waste (recycled material) for our paper insert (where the instructions are listed). We don't use inks or adhesives on our boxes so they can safely decompose in a landfill. Please help us in our efforts to save the planet by recycling. 


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